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Describes how to set up an Ubuntu This page describes how to install Ubuntu v These instructions also include some tweaks to unbloat asuus distribution and improve performance. Most of the driver issues with previous distributions of Ubuntu are resolved as of this version. For a description of the older issues, see my Ubuntu 8. The first models were introduced in in response to the Asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download XO-1 and featured limited RAM and a solid state hard drive.

Later models expanded features while retaining the small form factor. ASUS stopped making netbooks on 1 Januarysignaling the effective succession of the netbook era by the era of mobile devices. The Ubuntu website gives instructions on how to download an Ubuntu disk image and create a bootable USB drive on an existing Linux system. If you have no problem following those instructions, you do not need to read further in this donload.

This drive needs to be at least 2GB and will be completely overwritten with the installation software. The Source disk image is the ISO file you downloaded. The Disk to use device list should show 9900 USB drive you have inserted.

Unless you plan on booting from the USB drive regularly, you can select documents and settings Discarded on shutdown I had some problems with по этой ссылке BIOS seeing the flash drive when rebooting, so you might be advised to boot with a cold start from poweroff rather than a reboot with the machine already running.

Press ESC on powerup uuntu get a menu efe acceptable талантливое ayuthaya font free download for windows какие devices. Assuming the boot image can be read, you will see syslinux messages and a asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download splash screen. The boot takes a couple of minutes. You will get a second prompt to confirm you really want to install. This adds security and recoverability by segregating the system files from the user files and asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download makes asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download system upgrades easier.

I deleted the existing partitions and chose this layout of primary partitions:. The first is to choose an appropriate time zone and the second is asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download choose a keyboard layout.

The defaults are usually best in most American cases. Who Are You : If you will be using this machine in unfamiliar environments where privacy is important, you may ee to use something other than your real name as the \”name\” and \”computer name\”. However, it is imperative that you remember the user name and ubuhtu you choose, which will be needed both to log in to the machine and to perform system administration functions. Reboot : After the install completes you will be prompted to restart Ubuntu and reboot from the new installation on the hard drive.

Update : After rebooting, you should update your package listing and upgrade your packages from the Ubuntu repository to get the most recent and secure versions of the software. There is a graphical utility to do this, but the command line commands for this are:.

Because this machine is fairly old, most of the old, nasty driver issues are resolved in the current distros. Asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download rest of this page is devoted to some installation tweaks you may or may not find useful.

The solution that I doqnload deep in a support thread was to just dowmload rid of network-manager. The wireless network can be started with the command \”ifup wlan0\” and stopped with \”ifdown wlan0\”.

Flash Player : The Adobe Flash Player is pretty much essential for anything other than the most cursory web browsing nowadays. Download the \”. TrueType Fonts : Linux distributions rarely ship with a robust collection of fonts, but if you have some TrueType fonts on a Windoze box, it\’s fairly easy asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download install them into the X window system aeus the command line. Copy the. The xlsfonts command lists fonts available directly from X and the fc-list command lists fonts available through fontconfig.

The listing will likely be long, but if the fonts are loading correctly, you will see X font names like these for Arial ibuntu Garamond, respectively :. Connecting a Projector or Monitor : There is a pin VGA socket on the right side of the machine that can be used to connect an external video monitor or projector. Usually the monitor will communicate with the card and adjust everything accordingly asud connection is plug-and-play. If the monitor resolution is greater than the LCD, the automatic adjustment may expand the resolution beyond the height of the LCD display.

Download free tools registry mechanic external monitor will downlad fine but the LCD display bottom will be cut off.

You may need to use the xrandr command to tweak the X rotate and resize extension. VGA is the external device. If you have no device connected, you will not get a listing of VGA modes.

If asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download eeee getting no external video, you may need to manually set the output mode.

Downloaad xrandr man page describes the options. For example, to set the asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download mode to x Low Speaker Volume : The speakers in this machine are not very powerful, but you will need to use the alsamixer or some other ALSA-enabled mixer program to set the volume so that audio is at least audible.

There is no volume knob anywhere on the machine. Type \”alsamixer\” at a terminal to start alsamixer with curses interface. Use the arrow keys to adjust the controls. System Simplification Ubuntu has bloated significantly over the years, which not only makes the system more confusing to use, but reduces response time with this system\’s ubunt CPU.

The following are some simplification tweaks that gets rid of some of the вот ссылка and makes it easier to see what your computer is doing. Text Login : I prefer to see what\’s going on with my machine rather than have the boot messages hidden behind the splash bitmap just downloav case there\’s a boot problem which used to happen alot. This can be configured in the boot loader GRUB. After the text mode login, you can start the X window system with the command, \”startx\”.

Removing the Desktop : If you\’re hard core command line and don\’t want the clutter and delay of the Ubuntu desktop, you might consider getting rid of the desktop altogether ubntu just using a window manager to manage xterms and X applications.

This will speed your boot time a bit and get rid of some annoying background daemons. I use IceWMwhich can be installed with \”sudo asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download install icewm\”. Flash Drive eef fstab : If you get rid of the desktop, you will also lose your automount daemon and pluggin in a flash drive won\’t automatically mount it. For wireless connections wlan0 a similar entry can be used, and if you regularly connect to a specific network, that ESSID can be configured as well:.

Because there are so many steps, I put the commands in a script listed asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download. Ubuntu has been getting quite bloated for awhile and there are a uhuntu of services I shut down or uninstalled to avoid overhead, improve security and free disk space. Asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download you don\’t use this, remove the package:.

This sporadically runs update-apt-xapian-index and also tanks system response at unexpected and undesirable times. You can make it go away by removing the package:. If you monitor your network at interface start, you will see it sending messages to daisy. Smells a ybuntu like phone asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download. AppArmor : is a security policy utility of some kind. It seems to not be used for much anymore.

Gwibber : is a microblogging client so you can smoke crack without having to light up. Zeitgeist is another big-brother event logger. Speech Dispatcher is a speech synthesis service that is enabled by default. Thankfully, I do not need this.

Ees is a nasty sound asux that adds latency and eats up CPU. Ubuuntu you don\’t have the desktop you can ditch it. However, you will need to deal with protections set up for ALSA that will keep your applications xownload being able to asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download the sound devices.

Add yourself to the audio group:. Unnecessary audio stuff: I ride with asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download apt-get purge totem rhythmbox apt-get purge gstreamer If ls and mv are good enough for Kernighan, it\’s good enough ubhntu me. On 27 January51 ubunru after first boot, I tried to boot but the screen stayed dark. The adus drive light indicated that the machine was booting and connecting the VGA port to a жмите сюда verified this.

There are folks who say that pulling the RAM out for приведу ссылку few seconds also solves this problem, so you might give that a try at this point. Gently lift the top of the keyboard and pull it back. There is a weak adhesive holding the keyboard down so it will require some efe to remove.

The mouse and keyboard downolad cables require pushing the lock tabs on the edge of the connector out to release the cable. The machine will not boot the OS no hard drive or keyboard but if you get a BIOS boot screen, you\’re back in business.


Linux on the ASUS EEEPC. Asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download

These instructions also include some tweaks to unbloat the distribution and improve performance.


Asus eee pc 900 ubuntu download.A step by step guide to installing Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron on your Eee PC

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