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Q Last Updated: Dec 10 больше информации. The title says it all I know the Poser community isn\’t dead, but has development finally come to a definite halt? Am I too seriously look to the competition for future advancement now?

Artwork and 3DToons items, create the perfect place for you toon and other figures! Due to the childish TOS changes, I\’m not allowed to link to my other products outside of Rendo anymore :.

Food for thought Smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free Gallery. This is just my perspective here Not an official announcement or anything near that, but smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free makes sense.

The poeer settled, thinking midro a fine home, pfo least for now\” not realizing that doom would soon be coming in the form of a vacuum cleaner. My python page My ShareCG freebies. Kazam smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free at PM Sun, 03 June – Boni posted at PM Sun, 03 June – Well, I\’ll wait pto see what will happen.

Smitu we would appreciate a fref or two from SM freee they are actually working on the next version! Smith Micro has reorganized their graphics software development in the last two years, but as noted above, updates continue First off, we closed our Northern California location which housed the majority of the graphics division.

We are in the process of rebuilding our graphics engineering team in our Braga, Portugal location. We have also significantly reduced our staff smtih our Aliso Viejo location and will rely in the future on both our Pittsburgh and Belgrade teams to pick up the workload. I\’ve read that and that doesn\’t instill much trust to be honest. Closing division, downsizing, moving to a different counrty and expecting others to carry an extra workload isn\’t exactly the most hopeful news.

Amith it even worse is that some of the key players in Poser development refused to move countries and rightfully so. Seems to me that Smith Micro might be smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free Poser slowly, but surely themselves. More realistically, why fgee not being physically located at the \”office\” preclude development of Poser by the team members смотрите подробнее didn\’t move?

I wouldn\’t either, but this is the poserr of online conferencing etc. Rfee be amazed – or maybe not – just how many companies like to have their staff on company smitb so they can por a beady eye on \’em. I can understand it from a security point of view, in that any work done in the company premises can be monitored, as can any communication with the outside world. Having people working pgo home can be a huge leap of faith that the employees take network security and confidentiality as seriously as the company would like.

This posser how it went: \”A guy\”, never seen before enters the building and calls for a workforce meeting. We are restructuring. Guads waiting; They were guided outwards off the property to waiting transport to get them home. Worried some replied : \”Hela? We haver pusonal stuff on our desks.

Phones, clothes, wallets\”. Goodbye and good luck. Deecey posted at PM Fri, 11.10 June – This is something I\’ve wanted for the looooongest time. I waste so much time collapsing everything that gets added to a scene, and it\’s frustrating as all get out. Which is why I don\’t keep anything personal in my desk smjth take anything fere company owns home with me except smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free uniform. They gave me posdr hand book and that\’s still in the office too.

I don\’t like that kind of corporate treatment of employees. Mucro wouldn\’t be too much of a stretch to just kick you off their property and keep your car until they can жмите through it, all under the pretense of sorting out what\’s theirs and what\’s yours.

Groan, Actually Renderosity receives way more traffic then the official Smith Micro forums ever have for all of their graphic suites. And I mean like at least times as much traffic daily. As far as I know Renderosity imcro a partner with Smith Micro and a distributor of the Poser platform and does plenty of marketing and support for больше информации also.

If it is too much trouble for the Smith Micro Smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free team to read the main Renderosity Poser forum once smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free in a while, it would be a smitj clear posef of what they think of the broader community and their Poser user base, which may be part of their current problems.

It seems what you\’re actually promoting here is a contraction of the Poser community? Encouraging excommunicating Renderosity \’for who knows what reason this time\’ will help no-one but just overall further damage the Poser community. Renderosity has done nothing but support Poser for many years now and is still to this day the largest provider of Poser content.

From what I can see fre is no further information smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free the future of the Poser посмотреть больше at the Official Poser forums then there is here? Or am I missing something? Who is it that you see commenting at the official forums in any official capacity on Poser development out of curiosity?

Because I can\’t really see anyone from the Poser team their? By specific thread do you mean that long, long, long thread titled \”Submit your Poser Smlth, that nobody in any official capacity has commented in for close to 9 months now?

Amith last official comment directed people here, for their Poser suggestions. SeekingAlpha has all of the quarterly reports archived on their site if you\’re interested. When looking at the last two quarterly reports two things are pretty obvious, Poser plays a very small smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free in Smith Micro\’s overall business strategy, with most comments bundling the entire graphics department together as a whole.

And significant cuts have been made to the entire Smith Micro Graphics department and their Research and development operations since the release of Poser The decrease in the graphics revenue was a result of the termination of the Clip Studio distribution agreement and lower unit sales of legacy products. We recently launched a new product and expect additional product launches later this year.

Bill will discuss this 11.10. in more detail in just a few minutes. We achieved some key milestones in the first quarter, as we continue to build upon the changes made last year. Firstly, implemented some significant and much-needed upgrades to our back end e-commerce infrastructure and digital content marketplace. And by adding an exciting new product to our portfolio, we expanded our продолжение здесь graphics product line up.

Under this partnership, we will resell for award-winning graphics products, Rebel 3, a market-leading paying application is the smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free product we\’ve added to our graphics portfolio as part of this agreement. I urge you to visit our online store, mydotsmithmicro. It is an amazing product. Rebel 3 also works very well smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free our other graphics smifh, such as Motion Artist and Moho, as digital artists can microsoft office 2016 activation command free these applications to bring their work to life with movement and sound.

These additional releases will further energize our market expansion, as we seek to smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free our graphics portfolio into our comprehensive toolkit for digital artists. There are some exciting content-based opportunities emerging mixro graphics business in the expensive online universe smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free digital comics and the emerging virtual-reality market. Needless to say, there are exciting changes on the horizon within our graphics lineup, so stay tuned for pr announcements.

So it читать статью take some time, if ever, for Poser development to regain the momentum it has had in the past with future releases. One thing is for sure Poser and the Poser community are still in the picture with SM and the SM management team for the immediate future. If you just want the SM pr feel good message try here.

With this video posted just a few of weeks ago by Smith Micro:. They have more active threads than this forum has posts. Take a good look around. The only supporting around here is either squeezing the last out of legacy figures or how to get the DAZ golums working in Poser. If you actually read the 1st post in the Poser development thread, you would realize that we are kibitzing over stuff we submitted to SM. They have a methodology and they are sticking to it.

The character limit requires you to think it out, rather than just ramble. I used a similar setup when I was getting feedback from my customers smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free If you give them the space to ramble, they will. I hope SM follows the DAZ path and produces its own figure like genesis system, that is solid, by making auto fitting clothes and life like joint bending possible. That would be helpful. Eventually maybe but really dont think any figure is going to be an over night success without community support it can be the best looking best bending but if people who create character content arent going to create for it then their back to square one Maybe they should focus on the program itself the core of it.

Maybe on the figure side of things though they should lean towards basic pretty because its easy to make something ugly look at all the monster and stuff everyone and their mother does with Zbrush But its not easy to make ugly into pretty. The reality of the приведенная ссылка is that there are many viable alternatives to poser in I was a poser user from Fractal kicro poser 2 up until Poser \”Pro\” Making Iclone every bit as powerful as the Autodesk Motionbuilder for us 3D animated movie makers without having to pay the smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free rental fees of an Autodesk cloud subscription for MOBU.

All content for prior and competing figures disappeared within 30 days. My CC still whimper over it. We will never see anything like it again. Problem is Vendors feel that they should see that smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free of sales for any subsequent figure. The same can be said for hair, shoes, and even skin textures. SM does create their own figures – they are my figures of choice, because until the release of Paul and Pauline they are the only normally sized characters available.

The biggest difference between the current DAZ figures and other figures is that the DAZ figures have an entire cottage industry built around fixing the flaws of the product. Wolf, Poser\’s smith micro poser pro 11.1.0 free emith for PBR and Substance Painter sincethe other apps are playing catch up in that fgee.


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This 3D software lets you create 3D objects, human portrait, animals with realistic effects. You can also create 3D animations with a wide range of new 3d artistic tools. Smith Micro Poser Pro 11 Crack For Mac is a professional graphical environment that allows you to create 3D models and boost your skills capabilities. The editor interface has various objects including accessories, models, human, animal figures, hair, clothes in addition to a wide range of other impressive objects.

These objects will help you to design the portrait or even bring your ideas to real life. These tabs are mostly designed to render, edit, visualize, enhance in addition to insert sound tracks. Manga Studio Story File. Encoded Data File. Poser Face Pose File. MotionArtist Animated Clip.

MotionArtist Document File. Data Files. Poser Hand Pose File. HotFax Data File. Poser Hair File. Poser Compressed Hair File. Poser Light Set File. Poser 3D Map File. Poser 5 Material File. Poser 6 Material File. Minecraft World Backup File. Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. If you want to use a legacy figure, Poser has tools available to update it. The V4 from is vastly different than an upgraded version in If you want to use a DAZ golum in Poser, tools are available so you can.

If you want to import characters from games, Poser has that FBX tool to import and export it. All of these features came about due to vendor intransigence. Everything is interchangeable – clothing, hair, shoes, even skin textures. Poser is about leveraging what you own, not constantly purchasing the same products over and over. If you had been perusing the SM forums, you would know from the folks that made the figures that they were always a last minute thing added to the product, SM marketing speak aside.

Speaking of figures They are vastly limited in both character content and clothing content by several orders of magnitude, even after all this time.

Nor do I limit myself to single image pinup art. I tell stories. My stories have lots of people, all ages, races, and genders. That is impossible if one restricts themselves to one mesh.

Vickys , intermingle with Jessi, and Antonia. Vincent Parkers are dating Miki , while Mariko is wondering what she has to do to get Simon to notice her. All of them wearing clothing, hair, shoes, and in some cases, skin textures, that were never made for for them. Poser 1 was designed for single image stills. A bowl of chocolate ice cream with Oreos in it. When I see that it\’s like.. Or is it just me? Interesting notion, but given my experience i. Some I got simply because I needed to complete some insane deal I was offered, and they were the best option, not because I needed another bikini thoogh some were because I wanted that style too.

I will grant you however, you do have a rather large V4 runtime. True, but keep in mind, the same can be said for the Genesis line and DS. People who want to move beyond \”load, pose, render\” have the option to create their own clones of external figures to use that content on Genesis which could then be used in Poser too. So for tinkerers, the options are quite impressive.

Another interesting comment, given you are someone who has \”moved beyond rank beginner too\”. Surely you know about the included morphs to change height, arm length, leg length, head size,scale, etc. Of course if you want even more options, you can get add on morph packages, or create your own morphs in an external modeling software Blacksmith3D, sold here, is an excellent option for that.

As far as non-Caucasian characters being \”aryanized\”, that is obviously a mater of opinion, one that I do disagree with. Though there are an abundance of Caucasian figures, there are also several very good characters to represent other ethnicity\’s that IMHO are very well done like Uchenna for Genesis 8 Female promo image below , as we as some very good ethnic morph sets and full ethnic character sets IIRC, there are some great options here at Rendo.

But, I understand where you are coming from, and your opinions are biased in that direction. You seem to have all the content you need, and the ability to mix and match what you have. Given the type of comic art you do, you aren\’t really interested in any sort of PBR rendering, as it doesn\’t really add to your stories. It seems as if you are also very interested in \”tinkering\” in Poser to get what you want from it. This is all great, and good on you for doing so, it should provide inspiration for others with similar interests.

But, as Wolf noted in is post, this is not the expressed specific intent of Poser from what SM has noted in their own marketing materials, and from what it appears was the primary draw for users to Poser for many years. IMHO, the rendering of easy to use pre-made content was what made poser popular, and in this area it has fallen behind other options, especially in the the ease of getting great quality images with high quality figures.

For those of use that use ed Poser for this purpose, it does seem to be falling behind. Yes, I like to do pin-ups, female fantasy warriors, fantasy sci-fi, etc. Soooo, my desires for Poser are much different than yours, but I would postulate that Poser has lost significant numbers in it\’s user base simply because it has fallen behind in the specific things that I like d to do with it. I may be wrong, because this is all opinion and conjecture, but it does seem to be true based on what I see in the market places and the galleries.

The problem is, if SM caters to the \”tinkering\” crowd I don\’t mean this in a bad way, as I am into tinkering as well , and not the \”render pretty pictures easily\” crowd and I would say, IMHO P11 was a tinkerers update, not a pretty picture makers update , then they will be in more direct competition with Blender, Maya, iClone, Unreal, Unity, etc. I had hoped that at some point Poser might be a replacement for Carrara, but I doubt now that will ever happen. Hopefully, with the next upgrade SM will fully understand who there user base will be, and how to attract and grow that user base.

I also hope that my interests will match with where SM decides to take Poser. With their freak Aryanized, I find them to be creepy. This Picture is the result of all of your manual force fitting Old content between old figures..

The Classic \”Shrink wrapped\” look of poser clothing from the last century. No wrinkle morphs at the waist,knees or elbows. But that is not your fault because you are not a clothing content creator but you have the \”tools\” to salvage old content made by others in the past. But alas you have no abilty to create, bespoke one off clothing ,for a specific render or project, only scavenge from the digital rubbish bin.

If this is the quality of clothing content that works for your stories. Now if you really wish to liberate yourself from Digital dumpster diving ,My advice is to learn to model as I have. I Needed a \”near future\” Doctors outfit for My \”Golem 2\” Female for an upcoming Med bay scene in an animated film project of mine.

About three hours to create the oufit from my base development mesh that I have for all of the Daz \”golems\”. Here she is as adult and as a child Via Zevo\’s \”youth Morph\” product to demonstrate the immediate versatility available for my unique custom, bespoke ,one off clothing content at the mere moving of a slider.

I stand completely liberated from the Expensvie Daz content Hamster wheel or from scavenging poorly constructed, Old content from the crumbling caves of the past. In recent years the old high street retail sector has been moving online, this could be seen as them just catching up with what we have been doing here for the past twenty years but where they are ahead is in exploiting smartphone technology.

Smartphones have a large user base but do not have the power to render scenes. They could handle basic scene composition and offload the rendering to back end cloud like AWS. This would allow the move to a browser based online subscription service like Amazon Prime where there is regular content available built in and extra costs for perceived enhanced products – ie a combined subscription and micro transaction model.

Having the entire product online will allow access to the AR and VR markets if they develop providing content makers access to new users. DAZ introduced it with DS4. By the time Poser got the functionality there was no incentive to pay for something I already had with a free utility. Wolf – A large portion of that golum content IS recycled content. Another issue is the fact that with most vendors, if you buy 2 characters from a vendor, you own all of their characters – they use the exact same skin textures for all of their characters, and quite frankly, I can spin a dial just as well as they can.

In fact, after I post this, I am off to Daz to pick up some products for Brodie 6. Pointing out that most of the g1 content was recycled V4 content got me permabanned in the Daz forums 30 days later Daz built a sale around that fact. Typical Daz. BTW, I can and do when necessary create my own content. I have both the software Hexagon, Blender, and Zbrush , and the skills to do so. In the three hours you spent modeling one outfit, I can retexture four outfits and run them through the fitting room for use with multiple meshes.

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Associated Software Titles ; Smith Micro Poser, Graphic Design, ; Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe, Utilities, ; Smith Micro Videolink Pro, Communications. Poser delivers the power of interactive 3D figure design, offering infinite opportunities to portray human diversity, form and expression. Design with the human. Is this a free update or is there charge??? If free, when you download the update do you need the serial number?? What about the old download manager from Smith.❿

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